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RRP Compliance Manager

Discover how the RRPCM application will streamline all your lead-based projects

This groundbreaking application keeps you on track and in compliance with EPA regulations

Our founders have been experts in the area of lead-containment and RRP compliance for decades. Through their Lead-Safe Training program, they have trained thousands in RRP compliance. It is through that training and interaction with those in the affected industries they realized the need for a modern-day, streamlined solution to manage lead-containment projects.

The RRP Compliance Manager (RRPCM) serves to guide contractors and those responsible for lead-related projects through the EPA guidelines and ensure compliance with EPA regulations from beginning to end of any lead-related project.

RRPCM is a web-based application that can be used from ANY laptop, phone or tablet. The information and documentation is safely stored in a cloud and is retrievable 24-7 through the site. It also retains the lead certification form of the Lead Certified Renovator so that it is presentable whenever necessary. It also allows you to email the Renovate Right pamphlet electronically and confirm receipt with the recipient. No more forgetting to give it out!

RRPCM is incredibly affordable and essentially pays for itself in the time and paperwork it saves your employees and field managers!

RRPCM is normally $49.99 per user per month, but we are offering you a discount of $39.99 per user per month. If you anticipate more than 10 users, we have an unlimited option that is normally $499.00 per month but we are discounting for you to $399.99 per month.

RRPCM is well worth the minimal investment - saving you 80% of lead-based project time, keeping contractors on track from start to finish, and completing all of the documentation required by EPA for you. With the time, money and resources it saves you, it’s like getting it for free! In addition, it prevents costly fines and even possible jail time by ensuring EPA compliance requirements. RRPCM is extremely user friendly and retains all of the information for 3 years, as is required by law.

RRPCM is a revolutionary application will give you an advantage over your competition, allowing you to complete projects more effectively. There is nothing else like it on the market!

We provide a customized presentation to your company to walk you through ALL of the benefits and advantages of using RRPCM versus the cumbersome option of traditional paperwork. We also offer initial training to new users to make sure you get started off right!

Get the industry advantage and revolutionize the way you manage lead-related projects!

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